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Finding An LCD TV Sale

Finding An LCD TV Sale LCD TVs are incredibly popular, and prices continue to fall year after year. Yet they’re still relatively expensive – you can still expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 for many of the high-tech models with large screen sizes. If your goal is to find […]

Features and Benefits of DLP TVs

Features and Benefits of DLP TVs Even today, Texas Instruments remains the primary manufacturer of this technology. Many different manufacturers license the technology from Texas Instruments and build their products around the TI chipset. In addition to its use in televisions and projectors, DLP technology is used in a number […]

Do You Need A New Plasma TV

Do You Need A New Plasma TV? If you are sick and tired of looking at your old blurry screen, the one where nothing is ever clear and crisp, then now is the time to get yourself a brand new plasma. These televisions are fabulous, it is like being right […]

Digital Projection in Your Home Theater

Digital Projection in Your Home Theater A projector is a device that integrates a light source, optics system, electronics and display(s) for the purpose of projecting an image from a computer or video device onto a wall or screen for large image viewing. There are hundreds of products available in […]

Which Television to Buy

Choosing a Television Set

Choosing a Television Set Nowadays the problem isn’t just what to watch on TV, but the kind of TV you want to watch it with. There is just a huge variety available in the market today. Not just brands, but product categories. Here are some things to consider as you […]

Best LCD TVs

Best LCD TVs Summary: Buying an LCD TV is more of an art than a purchase. Originally LCD TVs were available in only smaller sizes, but now they are available in sizes as big as 50 inches. Whether big or small screen, LCD TVs suffer from certain flaws: they have […]