A Guide To Plasma TVs

A Guide To Plasma TVs

One of the newest additions in television technology, Plasma Televisions are the 21st-century display devices which are fast becoming a popular choice among television viewers. Plasma televisions have higher resolution and quality performance than other conventional televisions; they guarantee crisp and clear images and superior quality. This is why  ‘A Guide To Plasma Televisions’ is so necessary.

Plasma televisions became a reality after the successful invention of the plasma display panel in 1964, by Donald L. Bitzer and H. Gene Slottow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Embracing a unique technology, Plasma televisions produce pictures from a combination of inert gases such as xenon and neon. When the gas is charged using electrodes, the atoms collide with each other and release energy in the form of invisible ultraviolet (UV) light. The light is then focused on the three phosphors (red, green, and blue) and a brilliant picture is produced.

Plasma TVs

come with Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV) with a resolution of 852×480 and the Higher Definition TV (HDTV) featuring a native resolution of 1024×768. Plasma televisions have a high widescreen aspect ratio – the ratio between the width and height of the screen. As plasma televisions do not use any electron beams like the conventional ones, they are immune to the effects of magnetic fields. They offer a wider viewing angle and accurate image reproduction. Plasma televisions are slim and space-saving and can even be hung on a wall. Moreover, most of the plasma televisions come with a flat-screen which eliminates edge distortion.

Plasma televisions can be used in meeting rooms, corporate offices, and network control rooms. They are ideal choices for home-theatre enthusiasts. On account of quality performance in an ambient light, plasma televisions widely opt for teleconferencing.

A countless number of retail and online stores specialize in plasma television sale. Due to their inherent merits, plasma televisions are becoming the most demanded alternative to the standard CRT and projection televisions.

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Plasma TV
A Guide To Plasma Televisions

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